Basement air ventilation/humidity control

i have a 3000 square foot basement in my house and would like to install air ventilation.
The basement has no windows and no rooms its a single unit the only access its through a garage door approximately 10ftx10ft. As i am a complete stranger with the whole subject i would like someone to advise what exactly i would need to ventilate the basement and control humidity levels as there is a lot of humidity.


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    The first thing we would suggest is installing a dehumidifier. Basements are always tricky as really you need to trace where the humidity is coming from and cure the problem. If you need fresh air in the basement you need around 3-4 air changes an hour, but please remember you can't take out what you can't put in, so to extract from a basement you need to ensure air can get back into the basement. 3-4 air changes assuming your ceiling height is around 8ft equals an extract rate of 1600CFM, 2736m3/hr, 0.76m3/s or 760L/S

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    thanks for your reply i installed a samsung dehumidifier have it working for a whole week emptied 10 buckets of water and still you can feel the humidity and the smell is still there. what would you advise to do?

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    Is the dehumidifier on 24 hours a day and what is the lowest humidity level its reached. Step 2 may be introducing some heat. Are there any obvious signs of what causing the moisture, in trying to pump it out you might be bringing more in if the basement has an issue

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