"Moving" Heat From Warm Room to Adjoining Room


I'm looking to move heat from a warm room to an adjoining room, both rooms approximately 30m³. In spring the cold room is around 12C and the warm room around 24C (the Aga cooker which heats the warm room is turned off in summer).
The Aga in the warm room burns oil (using wicks) and needs a supply of air, so I intend to use a fan (near floor level), controlled by a thermostat, to move cold air from the cold room to the warm room, with a hole in the wall between the two rooms near ceiling level to allow the fan to draw warm air into the cold room. Any thoughts appreciated, especially on how many CFM / m3/hr might need to be moved to equalise temperatures.


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    I would think the Aga needs fresh air, in other words a fresh supply of oxygen. If you mix the air from one room to another room your not introducing fresh air you're just introducing cool / cold air, which isn't the same thing. So i would check that first, while checking I would ask how much fresh air the Aga needs, they will have an amount of air that's required.
    After that the mixing of the air between the 2 rooms is easy. cool air in at the bottom and warm air out at the top, the closer the two holes are the less mixing will take place as the air will go where its easy to go not where you want it to, so the closer the holes the more the air will only travel between the 2 holes. As 2 the amount of air needed, its more a question of how quickly you want it to level out. The more air you move the quicker it'll mix the less air the slower, it should at some point even out to a certain extent but you'll still have a cold lower level and warmer upper level and the further the source of the heat is from the holes the longer it will take.
    In truth it'll work to a level but you have a few limitations to the effectiveness Hope of some help

  • Thanks.

    I should have been clearer - the Aga gets it's fresh air from a window vent and that won't be changing. I only mentioned the Aga to explain why I wanted the fan to blow into the warm room rather than out.

    "you'll still have a cold lower level and warmer upper level" - that is a great point, how could I best avoid that?

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    The more balanced you want the 2 rooms to be the more its going to cost. The best and effective solution would be installing a heat recovery system, with the most basic being, creating a hole at low level and a hole at high level. I would suggest for your application you go somewhere in the middle. The first question is what size of holes are you planning on creating between the 2 rooms. If you haven't thought of this yet, what is the maximum size of holes you'd be happy with.

  • Thanks again.
    Please expand just a little on how a heat recovery system would solve this problem. (I'm not very familiar with them but I can use Google.) Would it be a whole house system or not?

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    Heat recovery would extract the heat from one room and redistribute it into a second room, it would also extract air to atmosphere and bring in supply air, this would result in fresh oxygenated air coming back into the room along with the heat from the first room. You could use one for the whole house but if its just moving warm air from one room to another I'd just set it up for that. The system will work the better insulated the Room your trying to heat is. If you imagine a window wide open recovering the heat is pointless, but if the window is closed (you have a well insulated room) the system should work. hope this makes some sense

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