roof vent for kitchen exhaust

Hi, I'm installing a replacement kitchen exhaust (Neff - max 630m3/h) above my gas hob in a house. I have two questions:

(1) can I use PVC ducting or is galvanized steel recommended?
(2) Is there a specific roof vent that I need to purchase for this type of application in order to minimize any disruption to the air flow? Will a standard vent work or do I need a roof cowl? Right now, I have what looks to be a standard roof vent but I wonder if it's affecting the air flow and don't want to change it if I don't have to.

Many thanks in advance for any advice.


  • Hi in reply to your questions
    1. based on the dilution rate of the air in a domestic kitchen cooking environment PVC ducting will be OK
    2. Its all about the free area, if the unit is suggesting 150mm duct as per your previous post, the roof cowl will need a free area equivalent to 150mm dia (or above) any reduction in the free area will effect the performance of the unit

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