ventilation requirement advise needed

Hello all, I am just completing a new build utility room in my house and need advice on ventilation.
The room is :
appx 13cubed mts
has no window ventilation
has washing machine and tumble drier (tumble drier is vented through wall to outside)
has small freezer
has 2x 300 watt towel rail radiators

I am thinking that I need to get warm/humid air out and fresh air in.

Is that correct ?

Could you please advise on best way to achieve this and any info on appliances required.



  • PPeetteerr
    Building regulations suggest you need 108m3/hr of ventilation based on a Utility Room if you want it to be more effective based on the size of the Room as well as the type of Room I would suggest 260m3/hr is more like the amount of ventilation you require.
    For building regs you need a fan to achieve 108m3/hr at 25Pa assuming no more than 3 metres of 100mm dia duct. The manrose MF100T should fit the bill but any 100mm dia inline mixed flow fan should be OK
    For an effective solution you need a fan to achieve 260m3/hr at 69Pa assuming no more than 3 metres of 125mm dia duct. The Manrose MF125T should be adequate, but any 125mm dia inline mixed flow fan should be OK. Air in would normally be via an undercut on the door to the Utility Room, however if you have a passive house leakage rate you would need to think about supply air in

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