Ventilation of WC and bathroom

Hi guys,

I am new to the forum. Apologies if I am asking out of turn or if I am contravening the rules without realising.

I am in London, UK.

I have a WC that shares a wall with a bathroom. Both need ventilation installed because the communal ventilation system falls out of service regularly and takes weeks to get fixed. I want my backup plan.

These are my thoughts:

1- install extractor in wc
2- duct the extracted air from wc through wall adjoining bathroom and go inside the bathroom
3- install extractor in bathroom
4- join both extracted air flows into joint duct
5- duct the extracted air of both fans through bedroom adjoining bathroom and ventilate via the exterior wall of the bedroom.

Can anyone please advise me how to implement this plan?

Note I am a new homeowner and I am instructing a contractor (for ducting) and an electrician. Although I could bring in a ventilation expert, I am trying to project manage the job myself to cut costs.

Thanks for reading this far.



  • Alex
    We would need the sizes of the bathroom and WC, and the proposed duct run including bends, it may be easier if you could send us a DM with a sketch and dimensions of what your thinking and we can take a look. As long as both Rooms remain under a negative pressure you should be OK doing what your proposing, the only issue you will have is if either room become positive, that could result in cross contamination, which would be a big no no, you would need back draught shutters to prevent this

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    I recommend to contact a company that deals with it. I used *** and I am very satisfied! Everything is done exactly as I wanted it! :)

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