Noisy vent

In my flat I have a ceiling vent in the kitchen that doesn't get used (it has to be manually turned on and we just use the cooker hood for ventilation) but it makes a very loud and very annoying rattling noise that can even be heard in the bedroom. The landlord won't do anything about it and politely told us to deal with it but as I work from home a lot, it can be extremely distracting having a random loud noise every few minutes.
My solution may sound very stupid - I've managed to cling film the removable cover which has actually stopped the noise - but I am not sure whether this is safe or not. If the vent does not get turned on then surely it is safe?

I don't really know a lot about ventilation so some advice on this would be great, or even better, some safer and budget friendly solutions. Thanks!


  • Sorry I'm a little confused. Are you saying the Cooker hood rattles and this noise can be heard through the ceiling vent ? If yes I assume its the ceiling vent your covering with Cling film, if again this is yes, then this should be OK as long as the vent isn't a way excess moisture is being removed from the room in question, if it is it could lead to an increase in humidity or dampness in the room, Another reason where this isn't a good idea is if the vent is being used to remove fume from a room or is the vent for a boiler. If this isn't an issue then you should be good to go.
    More details may help with some images.
    Hope of some help

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